Diets are not Diets

You will never catch me using the term “I’m on a diet” Why? Thats an easy one cos thats like saying “I’m breathing” I’m stating the obvious.. everyone is on a diet, A diet is what we eat… not a calorific deficit for a holiday.

I think the first term that needs to be excluded in order to loose weight successfully is the term IM ON A DIET. It doesn’t really have any place in longevity and sustainability for a healthy future.

When I started my journey to get in shape the last time around, I did 20 weeks very strict, I even missed my once week cheat meals. As a result it worked, I got where I aimed to get and I was happy (thats a lie)IMG_4518.JPG

I had a month off and then went at it again. This time was for a documented photo shoot, another gruelling 8 weeks. I did a water drop and everything the second time around and was at my all time leanest .. I was very happy … for 2 days until the rebound from water dropping happened. I don’t have a picture of what happened after the shoot but this is the shoot..


Without going on and on the main reason I got from where I was, to where I wanted to be was because I had a plan, I had structure, the path was set out and everything was measured. The knock on effect to this was I had no life balance and no social life. If you have a goal to go on stage then its all about being better than your competitor, being more strict and doing everything 100% . If your goal is to get in shape for holidays, a wedding or generally to live a healthier and more active, unrestrictive life then don’t put yourself through what i did. Its not needed and there are much less vigorous routes than this with less chance of failure. Don’t be disheartened if you can’t follow the same diet as a performance athlete for months on end … because not being able to do it puts the in the majority not the minority. I will start posting about my approach towards healthy eating, setting goals, measuring and everything else I’ve done to change and develop my mind set and get me where I am. peace out.. enjoy your Saturday . Jake x

Who am I?

I guess its important when you start writing a blog to introduce yourself, explain who that half naked guy on social media is and give a bit of an introduction about why you feel the need to put your thoughts out there! So here goes…

Hi, I’m jake. Im a 30 something guy with kids and a demanding job. I run a home by myself and would like to consider myself  a responsible adult, although that’s just my opinion. This blog is going to be mainly about my fitness journey, my mistakes and my ups and downs to get me where I am now. When I was in school a was like a whippet, I had a little six-pack going on until I was in my late teens and the most ridiculous curtain hair style ever. After leaving school I went to college, became a plumber and from there had lots of different jobs. I’ve been talked about for the wrong reasons, been on the wrong side of the law and had more failed relationships than Henry the Eighth. Do I have regrets? Not really!

I had my first child aged 20 and was forced to grow up, or at least try to grow up, from this point on my weight became an issue and I yo-yoed back and forth for years. At 25 I did an eight week chicken and rice diet that got me in the best shape of my life. People still brought my “shape” up in my local town years later. By this time I was a miserable chubby guy in a pub listening to how I used to look and often prodded in the belly as a gentle reminder that I was a has-been. I had my second child aged 30 and really got my head focussed on getting rich and giving my kids everything that I never had growing up. I played rugby at the time and was having a pretty successful season. My business at the time was very successful, it took up all of my life and I literally had time for nothing other than an hour here, an hour there with the kids and rugby for an hour at the weekend. Then came the reality of what I now see as the massive turning point in life. My company lost its contract and went under and I broke my shoulder badly playing rugby.

So here I was, a failed businessman with a massively restrictive injury. these factors alone pushed me into a well hidden depression for quite some time. I found refuge in food, which in turn made me even more miserable. This also triggered the beginning of the end of my relationship which also broke down not long after. My ex partner didn’t do anything wrong, she just got pushed away by me and my attitude towards life. In September 2015 I got dressed to go out with my mates and after 10 attempts at different clothes I decided I looked like a total sack of s**t and changed into my pyjamas and made my excuses. It had got to the point where I wasn’t comfortable wearing clothes at all let alone not wearing them. It was time to start concentrating on the most important things in life: My kids and myself. Time for a change!

I did some research on diet coaches and was given the same name a few times by a few different guys who were in great shape. After a little revision and a lot of soul-searching I made the decision to contact the coach. He told me I would need a 20 week program to get in shape and told me the cost. I didn’t care about the cost. I just wanted my old body back. This was almost two years ago. Since then I have had my before and after pictures displayed on huge media platforms, I have sold my story to the paper, I have helped lots of people lose weight and stay motivated. I have even tried my hand at a bit of modelling.

Anyway, that’s me in a nutshell. That guy who was sick of how he looked in his clothes just two years ago now feels totally comfortable naked. Job done! Now I want to help others achieve what I have achieved and learn from my experience and my mistakes.