Diets are not Diets

You will never catch me using the term “I’m on a diet” Why? Thats an easy one cos thats like saying “I’m breathing” I’m stating the obvious.. everyone is on a diet, A diet is what we eat… not a calorific deficit for a holiday.

I think the first term that needs to be excluded in order to loose weight successfully is the term IM ON A DIET. It doesn’t really have any place in longevity and sustainability for a healthy future.

When I started my journey to get in shape the last time around, I did 20 weeks very strict, I even missed my once week cheat meals. As a result it worked, I got where I aimed to get and I was happy (thats a lie)IMG_4518.JPG

I had a month off and then went at it again. This time was for a documented photo shoot, another gruelling 8 weeks. I did a water drop and everything the second time around and was at my all time leanest .. I was very happy … for 2 days until the rebound from water dropping happened. I don’t have a picture of what happened after the shoot but this is the shoot..


Without going on and on the main reason I got from where I was, to where I wanted to be was because I had a plan, I had structure, the path was set out and everything was measured. The knock on effect to this was I had no life balance and no social life. If you have a goal to go on stage then its all about being better than your competitor, being more strict and doing everything 100% . If your goal is to get in shape for holidays, a wedding or generally to live a healthier and more active, unrestrictive life then don’t put yourself through what i did. Its not needed and there are much less vigorous routes than this with less chance of failure. Don’t be disheartened if you can’t follow the same diet as a performance athlete for months on end … because not being able to do it puts the in the majority not the minority. I will start posting about my approach towards healthy eating, setting goals, measuring and everything else I’ve done to change and develop my mind set and get me where I am. peace out.. enjoy your Saturday . Jake x